Laminar Crystal Energy Technology By Star Babies
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Laminar Crystal By Star Babies
Many have attempted, but failed, to copy the Technology created by Star Babies.  There is only one place where you can obtain the Original Laminar Crystal Products and this is the place.


Star Babies - the Only Manufacturer of Laminar Crystal.

To Go To Our NEW Storefront That We Are Updating And Adding To Everyday 

The name of the website, Gifts From The Stars, comes from the title of a book being written about the Founder of Star Babies.  This person, who through Many years of research and struggles to help people in need, has discovered many Gifts in her practice of healing energy work.

Many gifts that have been called, "gifts from God", from people who have seen the results from these gifts.  This website has been created to provide a place for people to discover these gifts.

Star Babies was created with a belief that people are searching and are in need of Hope and Healing.  ALL healing comes from within.  It makes NO difference what a doctor gives you or cuts off, IF your body doesn't do the healing work, you are not going to heal.

There are many different modalities that can assist you in this process.  It is our belief that the answer lies within yourself.  If you will give that inner knowing a chance, it will help guide you to the right course you should take.

One of the goals of this site is to help provide you with information, so you will have options and You can make an informed decision.  This site is for people who have decided that they aren't part of the herd, who blindly follows the Medical God's, who resent it if you ask them a question about their decision concerning you.

This site is for people who are searching for THEIR truth.

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                        Laminar Crystal - Crystal Energy Technology
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